FAQ - The Copper Design


Do you manufacture custom designs?

Yes we can manufacture mostly any design you could think of. Please contact us describing the specifications you need for your quote and we will contact you within 48 hours.

How do you package your products?

We have a very professional packaging that reduces the risk of damage due to mishandling; however if your product does arrives damaged, we’ll send you a replacement completely free.You have a period of 2 days after receiving the product to notify us by email, attaching photos of the damage area.It is recommended that if your product to receive notes that the box is damaged or opened, then this observation written upon signing the receipt of your product so, this will speed up the process of replacing your product.

How long does it takes to manufacture products?

It takes 5 business days to create some of our smaller products plus 3 days of delivery, for our largest products you must contact us and we’ll provide you with the estimated production and delivery time.