Copper Wedding - The Copper Design

Copper Wedding

foto-1The world of weddings is entering a new trend where copper is what prevails, so leave aside gold and silver. Copper in more saturated tones is inspired by an elegant accent to the palette of the wedding.

Copper can be used in these events either you put candelabras, plates, glasses and even centerpieces for a touch of lightness and elegance. This course is always making a balance with all the wedding decorations so you can make the combination with everything that is within the decoration and use warm colors like blush and coral, to balance.

When it comes to this color scheme, the fun does not have to stop at decorative accessories, some ways to incorporate this trend into your wedding are:

  • In centerpieces: you can send hexagonal design flashlights that are the centerpieces of the table.
  • Copper cups: you can look perfect in the area bartending.
  • Candlesticks copper: copper accents embossed linings and bring a touch of luxury to this room super Invitation.
  • Copper Bar: a set of hammered copper to create a consistent look in the area of drinks or cocktails.
  • Copper Covered: what you can do is to give an update to the traditional covered and replace them covered in copper. Using them will reach make a big difference and instantly capture attention at the table and elegant covered.
  • Copper Fireplaces: if your wedding is in winter inside the decor can put a beautiful fireplace copper, its noise, the smell of burning wood and the heat were gave off will make your wedding something very special
  • Pots: decorating with plants has always been a classic and now with ecological decoration styles has become a useful option. In this case, you can combine this eco design with a more industrial design betting on objects that are trending.
  • Vases: at the reception, you can also make use of beautiful vases of copper so that everything has a harmony within the ceremony. The reception will shine with details on the tables of your guests with simple touches to hold vases, centerpieces that look elegant. The addition of a metal object that matches your theme makes the celebration alive while adding a luxurious feel to the party.

foto-2The warm colors in pink, dark earthy tones and rich golden tones characterize these metals. The polished copper may look glamorous and elegant, and tonality or aged matte creates unique wedding accents for all styles, from super casual to elegant, in rustic or vintage environments.

Details of copper appear in creative ways, and the best of it is that both parts and the color are complemented perfectly with any wedding style, because it is a gorgeous and versatile hue, causing it to acclimate and adapt well to any time of the year.

If you want to have an elegant wedding, do not hesitate to use copper, you’ll be on trend, and your wedding will have a unique setting.

Here we gave you some ideas that you can implement in your wedding, but we want to know, what is your favorite wedding inspiration? Or if so you have any other proposal that the company can make. Remember you imagine, we create.