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Copper, a material that gives life to your garden


Copper is known for its ample applications in different areas such as health, technology, cooking, etc.  Now is implemented in the decoration of gardens from some places in the world. Copper, which has already conquered the interiors, is now being chosen by architects and designers to decorate the outdoor venues.

foto-2Gutters, showers, ceilings and even some facades characterized by high life, copper which makes an ideal spot for outdoor accessories with aesthetic appeal resistant over time element.

On the exterior decoration, copper can be used in endless ways, either in pots, garden accessories, furniture is malleable can take different shapes and colors.  Copper is a material that changes with the seasons providing an alternative, simple and vintage look.

Objects made with copper develop a natural oxidation process by which change in appearance over time, initially begins its original reddish brown tones take to reach the green patina that forms on its surface and enhances its natural resistance to corrosion.

foto-3Copper is an element that combines perfectly with the functionality and ornamentation have acquired so much fame among gardeners for the high effectiveness that is for plants parasites do not develop. Also, a copper accessory can simplify the maintenance of the garden as fungicides and bactericides have properties that help protect plants in a respectful way with the environment. For all this, it is one of the favorite designers through media copper and cages plant protection guarantee to prevent the growth of moss and mold materials.

Now with the eco fashion, note that copper is a friendly material nature and is the perfect choice for its environmentally friendly gardens and that more than 40 percent of the material that is used is recycled.

Remember, in the garden, every detail contributes to create a cozy atmosphere, so choose items and accessories you want them to be wonderful.

Use copper and give life to your garden!